Traveller Universe Books

Several novels have been specifically set in the various versions of the Traveller universe:

#YearTitleSeriesAuthorReference and ISBNNotes
1.1993“Again, Oytritsyu’aby”n/aCharles E. Gannonn/aNovelette (short story)
2.1993“Count or Country”n/aCharles E. Gannonn/aNovelette (short story)
3.1993“The Trap of Triton”n/aGary A. Kalinn/aNovelette (short story)
5.1995Death of WisdomBook 1 of 3Paul BrunetteISBN 1-55878-181-1
6.1995To Dream of ChaosBook 2 of 3Paul BrunetteISBN 1-55878-184-6
7.1998Gateway to the Starsn/aPierce AskegrenISBN 0-671-01188-X
8.2005The Force of Destinyn/aDale Kemper[24]
9.2004Diaspora Phoenixn/aMartin J. Doughertyn/a
10.2006Tales of the New Era 1: Yesterday’s Heron/aMartin J. Doughertyn/a
11.2010The Backwards MaskBook 3 of 3Paul Brunette[25]
12.2011The Backwards Mask (Alternative)Book 3 of 3Matthew Carson[25][26]
13.2012A Long Way Home: Tales of Congressional Spacen/aTerrance McInnesn/a
14.2014Shadow of the Stormn/aMartin J. DoughertyISBN 1558780343
15.2014Fate of the Kinunirn/aRobert E. VardemanISBN 978-1-55878-029-3
16.2015Agent of the Imperiumn/aMarc W. MillerISBN 978-1-55878-037-8
Traveller Universe

In addition, Jefferson P. Swycaffer has written several novels set in the “Concordat” fictional universe he originally developed for his Traveller campaign.

Gregory P. Lee’s The Laughing Lip series acknowledges the influence of Traveller in the development of the three novels published to date. Lee also wrote the Gamelords supplement Lee’s Guide to Interstellar Adventure in the early 1980s.

There are two different Backwards Mask books in the Death of Wisdom trilogy. The manuscript by the original author (Brunette) was lost until shortly after the replacement manuscript (by Carson) was published. The original was then published for those who wanted it, and Carson’s serves as an alternate end to the trilogy.

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