N-Space is a collection of short stories by American science fiction author Larry Niven released in 1990. Some of the stories are set in Niven’s Known Space universe. Also included are various essays, articles and anecdotes by Niven and others, excerpts from some of his novels, and an introduction by Tom Clancy. Its sequel is Playgrounds of the Mind.

Known Space stories and other relevant essays and articles

From World of Ptavvs
From A Gift From Earth
From Ringworld
Shall We Indulge in Rishathra (with cartoons by William Rotsler)
Cloak of Anarchy, 1972: An experiment in an anarchy-based society where there is no government. First published in Analog, March 1972. Reprinted in the collections Tales of Known Space and N-Space.
From Protector
Madness Has Its Place, 1990: Published in the collections N-Space (1990), Three Books of Known Space (1996) and in the anthology Man-Kzin Wars III (1990)

Madness Has Its Place

Short story from 1990. Published in the collections N-Space (1990), Three Books of Known Space (1996) and in the anthology Man-Kzin Wars III (1990).

Larry Niven paints a picture of the peace-loving Sol system in the years before 2375, when the Kzin make their appearance known with a devistating attack. A few humans in ARM are able to piece together enough information and technology in advance to start secretly building Sol’s defenses, but will it be enough?

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Shall We Indulge in Rishathra

Letter by Larry Niven sent to Science Fiction Review, November 1978. SF sex jokes, with cartoonish art by William Rotsler. Published in collection N-Space in 1990.

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CoDominium stories

From The Mote in God’s Eye (with Jerry Pournelle)
Building The Mote in God’s Eye (with Jerry Pournelle)

Other relevant essays and articles

Introduction: The Maker of Worlds by Tom Clancy
On Niven (by David Brin, Gregory Benford, Wendy All, John Hertz, Steven Barnes, and Frederik Pohl)
Foreword: Playgrounds for the Mind
Niven’s Laws
Bibliography of Larry Niven

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