Playgrounds of the Mind

Playgrounds of the Mind is a 1991 short story collection.  Diferent short stories from many of the settings created by or partly created by Larry Niven. All stories written by Larry Niven, a few in collaboration with others. Sequel to N-Space.

Stories from the Known Space Universe

  • Becalmed in Hell, 1965 : : An accident on Venus. First appearance in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, July 1965. Republished  in several collections: All the Myriad Ways (1971, coll), Inconstant Moon (1973, coll), Tales of Known Space: The Universe of Larry Niven (1975, coll), Playgrounds of the Mind (1991, coll), Three Books of Known Space (1996, coll)
  • The Defenseless Dead, 1973: It was published in 1973 in the Roger Elwood anthology Ten Tomorrows. Republished in The Long Arm of Gil Hamilton (1976) and Playgrounds of the Mind (1990).
  • Wait it Out, 1968: First published in 1968. Republished in the collections All the Myriad Ways (1971), Tales of Known Space: The Universe of Larry Niven (1975), Playgrounds of the Mind (1991) and Three Books of Known Space (1996)
  • The Borderland of Sol, 1975: Space pirates are robbing commercial traffic on busy interstellar routes with a new weapon. The story was originally published in Analog, January 1975, and reprinted in the collections Tales of Known Space (1975), reissued 1985, Playgrounds of the Mind (1991) and Crashlander (1994).
  • Part from the Patchwork Girl
  • Part from Ringworld Engineers
  • The Soft Weapon, 1967: first published in If (magazine) in 1967 and has since been included in the short story collections Neutron Star (1968) and Playgrounds of the Mind (1991)
  • A Relic of the Empire: Published in the collections Neutron Star (1968) and Playgrounds of the Mind (1991)

Stories from the CoDominium Universe

Part from The Gripping Hand

Stories from the Berserker Universe

A Teardrop Falls

Stories from Robots and Foundation Universe (Asimov)

TrantorCon Report

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